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Open Leaves Books has a reputation throughout Australia as the premier bookseller in the areas of counselling and mental health.

With over 30 years experience in these areas, our titles range broadly across
five subject areas:

Please take the time to browse through our wonderful collection of counselling
and mental health books!

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The bookshop is open for business and you may visit us by making an appointment. We will then give you the address at The Gap. We are open on a weekend as well - Saturday morning is a popular time to visit. Please telephone 33005279 or email open.leaves@bigpond.com



Childhood Trauma: Understanding the Basis of Change and Recovery
August 4-8, 2014
The Melbourne Convention Centre

In this unique event, The Australian Childhood Foundation has assembled thought leaders in interpersonal neurobiology, trauma and therapy in a conference format that promises to engage, challenge and integrate perspectives about working with children, young people and families. Presenters include Dan Hughes, Pat Ogden, Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Kim Golding, Stephen Porges, Ed Tronick and Judy Atkinson.

The conference has three separate components, each offering options for participants to follow their own interests and plan a program that is specific to their learning objectives.

For more details, visit the conference website:




The Delphi Centre presents Janina Fisher in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Janina was a popular presenter in 2010 and, in this workshop, she will introduce participants to understanding shame from a neurobiological perspective, as a survival strategy driving somatic responses of automatic obedience and total submission. Using lecture, videotape and experiential exercises drawn from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, participants will learn to help clients relate to their symptoms with curiosity rather than automatic acceptance. We are privileged to be the bookseller at this event in every state.

Brisbane - October 30-31
Melbourne - November 6-7
Sydney - November 10-11

For more details, visit The Delphi Centre website: www.delphicentre.com.au

We are the exclusive Australian publishers of Janina's Fisher unique FLIPCHART. You may purchase the flipchart from our website. Enter 'Psychoeducational Aids for Working with Psychological Trauma' as a search item or browse the 'Trauma and Recovery' category in the STRESS & TRAUMA catalogue.

The Pathways to Resilience Trust is a charitable organization established in August 2007 with the specific aim of promoting resilience in children, adolescents and families and to assist in the prevention of anxiety, depression and youth suicide. This is facilitated through the implementation of world-renowned resilience programs in Australian schools and communities of low socio-economic status; culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; indigenous heritage; and from regional and remote areas, including those affected by drought or natural disasters.

Pathways to Resilience provides online, on-demand facilitator training in the FRIENDS FOR LIFE suite of programs, along with webinars on Mindfulness for Educators, Looking Beyond Behaviour and Neuroscience for Educators. The facilitators are an experienced early childhood specialist and lecturer, and an outdoor/secondary teacher, both of whom bring a wealth of practical experience to their training. They are currently co-facilitating these programs with teachers in Logan in Queensland.

If you would like further information on Pathways to Resilience programs, please contact Kathleen Keighron: community@pathwaystoresilience.org or mobile 0447 032 339.

Open Leaves Books provides the books for the Fun Friends Program. Check the Children and Adolescents catalogue.




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