Aboriginal Suicide is Different: A Portrait of Life and Self-Destruction


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Published Australia, 2001. Reprinted 2007
Colin Tatz has been working in Aboriginal affairs for the past 45 years. He has recognized a deterioration in the daily conditions of Aboriginal life. His substantial text is, as he states, an understanding of suicide from without. It relies on concepts, classifications, comparisons, descriptions and on the devising of strategies - not for the individual but for the collective of suicides and would-be suicides. Tatz adopts an historical and anthropological approach to suicide in NSW, the ACT and New Zealand in a book that documents rates of suicide that may well be the world's worst.

The Social and Political Contexts
The Origins of the 'New Violence'
An Anthropology of Suicide
Towards an Explanation of Aboriginal Suicide
Lessons From Abroad
Towards Alleviation

Colin Tatz is Visiting Professor of Politics at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Paperback. 191 pages

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