Assessing Disorganized Attachment Behaviour in Chldren: An Evidence-Based Model for Understanding and Supporting Families


Product Description

Published UK, 2014
This book lays out an evidence-based model for working with and assessing children with disorganized attachment behaviour and their adult carers: families whose extreme, erratic and disturbing behaviour can make them perplexing and frustrating to work with. The model is designed to identify key indicators and explanatory mechanisms of child maltreatment: disorganized attachment behaviour in the child, a parent's unresolved loss or trauma, disconnected and extremely insensitive parenting and low parental mentalization. The book also outlines ways of assessing children for disorganized attachment and carer capacity, and proposes interventions.

David Shemmings is Professor of Child Protection Research at the University of Kent, UK.
Paperback. 240 pages