Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children


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Published USA, 2009.
Ever since John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth's studies on the developmental psychology of children over fifty years ago, the research and theory on attachment has been prolific. With this book, Daniel Hughes makes this complex theory accessible to the rest of us. Attachment-focused research can guide all practitioners and parents in their efforts to better treat and raise children. By applying the research to specific parenting strategies and techniques, Hughes provides an invaluable roadmap on how to effectively love, discipline and communicate with children, whether they are 3 or 13 years old. The author demystifies the notion of intersubjectivity and explains how to set limits, provide guidance, and manage the responsibilities and difficulties of daily life with a child. He also describes how a parent's own attachment history can affect their bond with their child, and provides strategies for overcoming a negative attachment history and reducing attachment resistance.

What is Attachment and How Does Parenting Affect It?
Establish Safety
Understand Intersubjectivity
Recognize Your Own Attachment History
Establish PACE
Relate Emotionally
Reducing Attachment Resistance

Daniel Hughes is a psychologist with a clinical practice specializing in the treatment of children and their families in Annville, USA.
Hardback. 200 pages

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