Attachment Across the Lifecourse: A Brief Introduction


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Published UK, 2011
David Howe has written a succinct and highly readable book on the fascinating and fast-growing field of attachment theory. He explains the key concepts in attachment theory and describes how the main attachment types play out both in childhood and later life. The author identifies some of the intriguing questions being explored by research, such as:

+  What part do individuals' attachment histories play in adult relationships?
+  What scope is there for attachment styles established in infancy to change later in life?

Emotions and Their Regulation
Severe Attachments in Adulthood
Avoidant Attachments in Childhood
Avoidant and Dismissing Attachments in Adulthood
Anxious and Preoccupied Attachments in Adulthood
Fearful Avoidant Attachments and Unresolved States of Mind in Adulthood
Temperament, Disability and Gender

David Howe is Emeritus Professor in the School of Social Work and Psychology at the University of East Anglia, UK.
Small-format paperback. 262 pages

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