Baby as Subject: Clinical Studies in Infant-Parent Therapy


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Published UK, 2014
This book is a collection of papers by Australian clinicians united in their conviction about the importance of directly engaging and interacting with the baby in the presence of the parents whenever possible. This approach, which draws on the work of Winnicott, Trevarthen and Stern, honours the baby as subject. It re-presents the baby to the parents who may in that way see a new child, in turn shaping the infant's implicit memories and reflective thinking. Recent neurobiological, attachment and developmental psychology models inform the work. Clinicians at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, from diverse disciplines, describe their work with ill and suffering babies and their families. Other contributors are community-based clinicians who have completed the University of Melbourne Graduate Diploma of Infant Mental Health.

Interventions in Acute Health Settings
Interventions in Crying, Feeding and Settling Difficulties
Infant-Parent Therapy
Interventions with Infants with Problems of Relating
Interventions with Infants Exposed to Family Violence

Frances Thomson-Salo is a psychoanalyst and Honorary Principal Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne.
Paperback. 307 pages

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