Born For Love: Why Empathy is Essential - and Endangered


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Published USA, 2011
What makes children loving - and what makes them cruel?
Does suffering promote empathy?
What can autistic people teach us about empathy?
Can too much empathy be as bad as too little?

In this new book by renowned child psychiatrist Bruce Perry and science journalist Maia Szalavitz, research and stories from Perry's practice are interweaved with scientific studies and historical examples to explain how empathy develops, why it is essential for our development into healthy adults, and how it is threatened in the modern world. Recent changes in technology, child-rearing practices, education and lifestyles are starting to rob children of necessary human contact and deep relationships. The book offers practical ideas for combating the negative influences of modern life and fostering positive social change to benefit us all.

Bruce Perry is the Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, USA.
Paperback. 374 pages

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