Brain-Based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment


Product Description

Published USA, 2012
How does life experience affect our brain development and, in turn, the brains of our children?
How do parents and children change each other's brains?
How can stressed-out parents improve their parenting by changing their brains?

In this groundbreaking exploration of the brain mechanisms behind healthy caregiving, Dan Hughes and clinical psychologist Jonathan Baylin guide readers through the intricate web of neuronal processes, hormones and chemicals that drive - and sometimes thwart - our caregiving impulses, uncovering the mysteries of the parental brain. Learning to be a good parent is contingent upon learning how to manage stress, understand its brain-based causes and respond in a way that will set the brain back on track. To this end, the authors define five major systems of caregiving as they are linked to the brain, explaining how they operate when parenting is strong and what happens when even the most unflappable parent gets derailed.

Jonathan Baylin is a psychologist in private practice in the USA.
Hardback. 252 pages

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