Children of Refugees: Torture, Human Rights and Psychological Consequences


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Published UK, 2017
Many children of refugees struggle with questions of race, ethnicity, language barriers and other socio-political and economic issues that can influence their mental health and psychological wellbeing. In order to provide effective therapeutic intervention to children and young people, whether they are unaccompanied or with family, knowing the (UK) legal framework and human rights issues is vital. The current refugee issue has exposed large numbers of professionals to unfamiliar difficulties and many are untrained about the needs of refugees, let alone information about the wider issues affecting them.


What is torture?
Who is considered a refugee and an asylum seeker - and what are the procedures?
Human rights
Children and mental health
Socio-psychological factors and institutional support
Obstacles to monitoring and eradicating torture
Community engagement

Aida Alayarian is a consultant clinical psychologist in the UK and Clinical Director of the Refugee Therapy Centre.
Paperback. 154 pages

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