Colour Thief: A Family's Story of Depression


Product Description

Published UK, 2014
A boy's father has a life filled with colour until one day he was 'filled up with sadness, all the way to the top.' The boy thought he had done something wrong - but he hadn't. The boy's father said that if he went out, 'the lamp posts would laugh at him or the streets would call him names.' All the colours had gone. Someone had just stolen them away. The boy drew a picture of his father inside a big ice cube. The father seeks help from a doctor and a therapist and, one day, the sun crept back into the house and all the colours were bright around the boy and his dad.  This is a story of hope and love and the journey towards getting a life back on track.

Ages 8-12 years
Large-format paperback. 32 pages

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