Compassionate Mind: A New Approach to Life's Challenges


Product Description

Published USA, 2009
Compassion, particularly compassion toward oneself, positively impacts our mental health and overall well-being. So why is it sometimes so difficult to be compassionate towards ourselves and others?

In this book, Paul Gilbert explores why the human mind automatically favours high reactivity to perceived threats and presents a new therapeutic program, compassion focused therapy, that readers can use to restore happiness and relaxation to their lives. The first part of this book presents Gilbert's research into the conflicts created by the diverging evolution of brain design and society. Because society evolves so much more quickly than the human brain, humanity must contend with the brain's tendencies toward excessive anxieties and fears. These fears once protected us from physical threats but are significantly less useful in modern life. The second part offers a range of practical exercises based in cognitive-behaviour therapy, Buddhist psychology, attachment theory and affective neuroscience that readers can do to develop self-compassion and alleviate emotional distress caused by anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues.

Paul Gilbert is director of the mental health research unit at Derbyshire Mental Health Trust in the UK.
Paperback. 513 pages

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