Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation


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Published USA, 1998. Reprinted 2006
Like anorexics, most cutters are girls, unable to express anger towards others, instead turning it against themselves. Described by one girl as `medicine for my fears` (pain with comfort), self-mutilation takes place in a trancelike state, is not consciously deliberate, and usually occurs in private. With many examples from his practice, Steven Levenkron provides thorough information on the causes and effective treatments of this disorder. Written for sufferers, parents, friends and practitioners, Cutting explains why the disorder mainfests in self-harming behaviours and describes how patients can be helped. This remains the most popular book on this topic.

How the Disorder Takes Shape
How and Why the Disorder Deepens
Attachment Patterns
The Benefits of Self-Wounding
The Value of Pain in Our Culture
The Family System
Incest and Other Childhood Abuse

Steven Levenkron is a psychotherapist with a thirty year (plus) practice in New York City, USA.
Paperback. 275 pages

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