Healing the Traumatized Self: Consciousness Neuroscience Treatment


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Published USA, 2015
This text, with forewords written by Bessel van der Kolk and David Spiegel, calls upon over a decade's worth of MRI research and detailed clinical interviews, to define what the authors refer to as 'trauma-related altered states of consciousness' (TRASC). This 4D model is a new step forward in understanding and assisting those with dissociative difficulties. The book is unique in providing a detailed integration of the latest neuroscientific findings with the experience of what it is like to be traumatized.

The Varieties of Postraumatic Experience: A Four-Dimensional Model
Neurophenomenology as a Methodology for Psychotraumatology
Consciousness of Time
Consciousness of the Body
Consciousness of Emotion
Liberating the Traumatized Self: Resilience and Recovery

Paul Frewen is a practising clinical psychologist in Ontario, Canada. Ruth Lanius is Professor of Psychiatry at Western University in Canada.
Hardback. 440 pages

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