Highly Sensitive Child: Helping our Children Thrive When the World Overwhelms Them


Product Description

Published USA, 2002
Sensitive to almost everything: scratchy clothes, funny tastes, loud noises, a change in routine. A vivid dreamer, distressed by scary movies, fearful in new situations. Prone to hurt feelings, upset by criticism and eager to do things just right. These qualities can make for smart, conscientious, creative children, but also may result in shyness, fussiness or acting out. Rooted in Elaine Aron`s years of experience with highly sensitive children and their families, as well as in her original research on child temperament, this book explores the challenges of raising an HSC. Aron discusses the four keys to successfully parenting an HSC, how to help these children thrive in a not-so-sensitive world, and how to make school and friendships enjoyable. With chapters addressing the needs of specific age groups, from newborns to teenagers, this book is a useful addition to a parenting library.

Elaine Aron trained at the Jung Institute in San Francisco and now has a psychotherapy practice in the USA.
Paperback. 331 pages

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