I'm Happy Sad Together: A Storybook about Complex Feelings

A book to help young children understand complex feelings

Product Description

Published USA, 2012
This book for young children helps them to understand and express their complex and sometimes conflicted feelings without having to choose one feeling over the other - hence the title, I'm Happy Sad Together! Lots of times children have more than one feeling inside them at the same time: 'Like when mum picks me up from school and I have to stop playing. I'm happy to see her but sad to leave my friends. I'm happy sad together!' And...'I felt nervous and excited when I was invited for my first sleep over. I was proud when my baby brother was born but jealous of all the attention he was getting.' Children are taught to use words to express their feelings as well as art and movement; and to make up funny words like s-mad and sh-happy.

Lory Britain is the author of the ground-breaking books It's My Body and Loving Touches.
Paperback. 32 pages

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