Maps of Narrative Practice


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Published USA, 2007
Michael White draws on his more than twenty years of clinical and professional experience to present readers with the definitive guide to understanding and successfully implementing narrative therapy techniques in their practice. He lays out the six main areas of narrative practice, clearly explaining how to employ them in clinical practice, and exploring the practical implications for therapeutic growth of each one. Using case studies, detailed transcripts and commentary from each type of therapeutic conversation as examples, White charts the conversations in diagrammatic form to provide therapists with a clearer picture of their clients` life stories, thereby equipping them with `roadmaps` to effectively navigate the narrative terrain in the therapy room.

Externalizing Conversations
Re-Authoring Conversations
Re-Membering Conversations
Definitional Ceremonies
Conversations That Highlight Unique Outcomes
Scaffolding Conversations

Michael White was co-director of Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia before his death in 2008.
Hardback. 304 pages

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