My Book About Cancer: A Workbook to Help Children of a Father with Cancer


Product Description

Published USA, 2006
Rebecca Schmidt developed this workbook for children who have a family member living with cancer. She wanted the children to be able to create their own book about cancer rather than simply reading a book about someone else`s experiences. By creating and discussing their own book of experiences, with the help of parents, grandparents and or/therapists, children can identify and discuss their feelings, apprehensions, fears and concerns as the family progresses through the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Children draw to the prompts and colour in the black-line sketches.

Here is a picture of daddy when he is sick
Here`s mummy helping daddy
This is daddy going to the doctor for medicine
When daddy is feeling sick from his special medicine, here is a picture of how I feel
Here is picture of daddy without hair
Here is daddy with a silly hat on
Here is a picture of my family when daddy feels better

Ages 5-8 years
Large-format paperback. 54 pages

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