Shared Care or Divided Lives? What's Best for Children When Parents Separate?


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Published Australia, 2008
It is critical that the needs of the children are properly considered when parents separate. Unfortunately, separation has a profound impact on the parents` capacity to function in a cooperative fashion when they most need to work together. This book is written to assist in understanding what children need and how to achieve it. It has five main topics:

+  Family Breakup as a Psychological Process
+  Developmental Issues for Children
+  How Parental Behaviour Impacts the Outcomes for Children
+  Different Processes for Reaching Agreement
+  Making Shared Care and Other Arrangements Effective

The essence of Phil Watts` discussion is that a court can order the time to be shared on an equal basis but it is the parents` actions which will determine whether the children end up with divided lives or whether they actually experience shared care. The power is in the hands of the parents. This book is a tool to assist in making shared care beneficial to all, especially the children.

Phil Watts is a forensic psychologist in Australia with nearly 20 years` experience
Paperback. 173 pages

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