Trauma and the Avoidant Client: Attachment-Based Strategies for Healing


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Published USA, 2010
Avoidant clients - those who avoid attachment, closeness and painful feelings and have a tendency to withdraw in therapy or not fully disclose their painful past experiences - are among the most difficult clients to treat. Drawing on a wealth of clinical experience, attachment-based theory and research as well as numerous case examples, Robert Muller offers practical guidance, specific intervention strategies and hope for transforming the lives of avoidant clients. The author offers advice on dealing with countertransference, exploring the problematic ways in which therapists may act on feelings that get provoked in the course of therapy with avoidant clients. Also covered is the issue of early therapy termination and what to do to keep clients on track and engaged throughout treatment.

What do avoidant defences look like?
Activating the attachment system and challenging the client
Intervention strategies
Facilitation of mourning in emotional detachment
Building the therapeutic relationship
Understanding countertransference
Looking at the treatment components together: The case of Madeline
Ending therapy

Robert Muller is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at York University, Canada.
Hardback. 204 pages

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