Working with Children to Heal Interpersonal Trauma: The Power of Play


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Published USA, 2013
This book highlights the remarkable capacity of traumatized children to guide their own healing process. The book describes what posttraumatic play looks like and how it can foster resilience and coping. Depicted are effective applications of play, art and other expressive therapies with children who have faced such overwhelming experiences as sexual abuse, chronic neglect or family violence. The contributors emphasise the importance of allowing children the time and space to access their inner resources for self-repair rather than imposing set agendas on clinical sessions. Particular attention is given to strategies for engaging hard-to-read children and building trusting therapeutic relationships. Contributors include Athena Drewes and Bruce Perry.

The Role of Healthy Relational Interactions in Buffering the Impact of Childhood Trauma
The Cumulative Trauma of Surgery and Sexual Abuse
A Boy Who Lost His Parents
A Girl's Quest for Healing After Sexual Abuse
A Sexually Traumatized Girl's Self-Portraits in Paint and Clay
A Neglected Child's Adaptation to Loss and Hunger

Eliana Gil is Clinical and Educational Specialist for Childhelp in the USA.
Hardback. 336 pages

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