Working with Children with Sexual Behaviour Problems


Product Description

Published USA, 2014
What is normative sexual play?
Why do children develop sexual preoccupations?
In what circumstances are children's sexual behaviours abusive or harmful?
How can professionals and parents respond effectively?

This new book by Eliana Gil and Jennifer Shaw explains the many possible causes of sexual behaviour problems and demonstrates treatment procedures that have been shown to work with 4 to 11 year-old children and their families. The authors present a comprehensive assessment and intervention framework that takes into account the full range of factors that may contribute to a child's difficulties, including trauma, abuse, attachment issues, family stressors and general impulse control problems. The authors' structures treatment approach, the Boundary Project, is described in detail. Four chapter-length case examples illustrate ways to integrate elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy, play and expressive therapies and family therapy.

4-11 years
Eliana Gil
is senior partner in the Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education in Virginia, USA.
Hardback. 224 pages

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