Big and Me - Storybook


Product Description

Published Australia, 2008
Big and Small are machines that work together as a team. 'But some days Big goes a bit wobbly and I get a lot worried,' says Small. Through the book Big malfunctions in a variety of ways and Small tries to help with the assistance of the Boss and Mechanic. 'Big's computer is getting a bit mixed up,' says Mechanic. 'Some special tractor medicine each day will help fix him. Big will always have problems with his computer. But if he keeps taking his tractor medicine we can still be the best team ever. Well, most of the time!'

The story is a metaphor for a child living with an adult who suffers from a mental illness. It is illustrated with coloured paper sculpture.

David Miller
is an author and illustrator in Victoria, Australia.
Hardback. 32 pages

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