1001 Solution-Focused Questions: Handbook for Solution-Focused Interviewing


Product Description

Published USA, 2010 (2nd revised edition)
Drawing on 30 years of clinical practice, Fredrike Bannink compiles solution-focused questions and protocols that are formulated to elicit the client's expertise on the issues that brought him to therapy. Categorized for general use and for use with specific types of clients - such as children, couples and families and those who have suffered trauma - the questions demonstrate how the precise use of language is an important tool in solution-focused interviewing. Exercises and homework suggestions invite self-reflection and experimentation with the solution-focused model, while case studies illustrate the model's effectiveness with a wide variety of clients.

Fredrike Bannink is a clinical psychologist trained in solution-focused coaching and solution-focused mediation.
Paperback. 251 pages

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