8 Keys to Building Your Best Relationships


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Published USA, 2013
In this book, Dan Hughes demystifies the research on attachment for lay people. By summarizing in short, easy-to-read 'keys' the theory and brain science that underpin our ability to form relationships, he reveals how we can become better friends, spouses, siblings and children. 'Wanting to connect is an intrinsic human desire,' he writes. 'Neuroscience research confirms our intuition and common sense - we are literally hardwired to attach, to seek out relationships.' But we do make mistakes in the very relationships that are so important to us. Attachment theory is the driving force behind our ability - or inability - to connect with others

Learn Why Attachment Matters
Know Your Autobiography and Be Willing to Rewrite It
Know Your Brain and Biology
Build Your Reflective Capacity
Build Your Emotional Competence
Master Effective Communication
Tinker and Repair
Balance Autonomy with Intimacy

Daniel Hughes is a prominent attachment specialist with over 25 years of experience.
Paperback. 208 pages

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