ACT Made Simple: A Quick-Start Guide to ACT Basics and Beyond


Product Description

Published USA, 2009
A practical and entertaining primer, ideal for newcomers to ACT and experienced ACT practitioners alike, ACT Made Simple offers clear explanations of the six ACT processes and a set of tips and solutions for rapidly and effectively implementing them in your practice. Scripts, exercises, metaphors and worksheets are included, as well as a session-by-session guide to implementing ACT-style therapy.

The book details guidance for creating your own therapeutic techniques and exercises, and there are practical tips to overcome therapy roadblocks. Chapters 1-3 provide an overview of the model and the theory underlying it. Chapters 4 and 5 cover the basics of getting started and how to structure your ongoing sessions. In Chapters 6 through 12 the six core processes of ACT are outlined and how to apply them to a wide range of clinical issues. In the last section of the book, topics including common therapist pitfalls, overcoming barriers to change, enhancing the client-therapist relationship, etc. are discussed. Practical Tip boxes are dotted throughout the text.

Russ Harris is an internationally acclaimed ACT trainer and author based in Australia.
Paperback. 265 pages