ACT with Love: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Principles to Strengthen Your Relationship


Product Description

Published USA, 2009
Although ACT was originally developed for problems such as depression and anxiety, its core principles can readily be applied to relationship issues. Russ Harris has written a book for couples who are seeking to strengthen their relationships through mindfulness-based approaches. Although he focuses on intimate relationships such as with a spouse or partner, the principles can be applied to enhance and enrich any relationship that matters: children, parents, friends, neighbours or fellow workers.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I looks at what goes wrong in relationships. Part II considers what is required if you truly want to stay and make it work. The final part looks at what sort of partner you want to be, what thoughts and feelings are getting in the way, and how mindfulness can help you handle them much better.

The book also covers the inevitability of conflict and pain and how you can reconcile your differences more effectively. Finally, Russ Harris looks at ways to actively strengthen and deepen your relationship forever.

Russ Harris is an ACT trainer who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Paperback. 224 pages

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