Addiction Counselling: Content and Process


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Published Australia, 2013 (2nd edition)
In this book, both the content of addiction counselling and the process of working with addiction clients are focused on. Content includes basic addiction counselling strategies, such as motivational interviewing and relapse prevention, and strategies for more general issues such as suicide prevention, emotion management, anger management, assertion and grief. The process section examines the interaction between client and counsellor, showing how early experiences shape the clients' responses to their counsellors and to others in their lives and demonstrating how counsellors can respond to clients in powerfully healing ways, enhancing client retention and progress. A final section shows how counsellors can integrate content and process. Basic information on drugs of addiction, the aetiology of drug problems and pharmacotherapies is provided. On several topics, client handouts and worksheets are presented in reproducible form.

In the new edition, all original chapters have been thoroughly reviewed and updated. The focus has broadened from counselling clients with alcohol and drug issues to counselling clients with any addictive behaviour, including gambling, eating, sexual behaviour or internet use. Coverage of co-occurring mental health issues has been much expanded.

Ali Marsh is a clinical psychologist in Australia.
Paperback. 430 pages

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