Adolescent Volcanoes: Helping Adolescents and Their Parents to Deal with Anger


Product Description

Published UK, 2014
Some adolescents seem to act as if they have a volcano inside, always on the verge of erupting into anger. They often generate discord and have combative relationships with parents, caregivers and other adults who work with them. This book is a practical resource for working with adolescents and their parents. It features interactive worksheets and handouts, exploring the causes of anger and focusing not only on the adolescent but also on the styles of parenting and situations at home that can exacerbate these feelings. The book describes models that explain the dynamics of arguments, such as 'power analysis' and 'positive intentions'. It also explains anger management tools such as 'escalators', 'Time Out', 'emotional awareness, 'triggers' and the 'four-part phrase'.

Warwick Pudney is a relationship therapist in New Zealand.
Large-format paperback. 288 pages

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