Anxious Thoughts Workbook: Skills to Overcome the Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts that Drive Anxiety


Product Description

Published USA, 2018
This unique workbook teaches us what to do when our unwanted mental intrusions are specifically associated with depression, anxiety, guilt, worry, frustration or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The strategies are based on research from cognitive neuroscience and experimental social cognitive psychology. The step-by-step approach offers practical methods to strip upsetting thoughts of their power - a process the author refers to as detoxification - and tips for managing feelings of guilt that can often accompany these thoughts. The book has a foreword written by Judith Beck.

Clinging to Self-Control
Mental Detoxification
Letting Go
Mindful Self-Acceptance
Maximizing Positive Intrusions

David Clark is a clinical psychologist at the University of New Brunswick, Canada.
Paperback. 173 pages

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