Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma


Product Description

Published USA, 2013
Laurel Parnell, leader and innovator in the field of eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), offers readers a way to embrace two often separate worlds of knowing: the science of early attachment relationships and the practice of healing within an EMDR framework. Her book combines attachment theory with EMDR to teach therapists a new way of healing clients with relational trauma and attachment deficits. EMDR is a powerful tool for catalysing integration in an individual across several domains, including memory, narrative, state, and vertical and bilateral integration. In Laurel Parnell's attachment-based modifications of the EMDR approach, the structural foundations of this integrative framework are adapted to further catalyze integration for individuals who have experienced non-secure attachment and developmental trauma.

Laurel Parnell is a clinical psychologist and developer of attachment-focused EMDR. She maintains a private practice in San Rafael, California.
Hardback. 397 pages