Because...Someone I Love Has Cancer: Kids' Activity Book


Product Description

Published USA, 2003
Complete with five colour crayons, this activity book from the American Cancer Society offers a private place for children to express themselves. The book contains six sections:

Things Change - changes occur because of the illness and positive change can come out of a diagnosis of cancer.
Label Your Feelings - faces and feelings and a `feelings thermometer`.
Know Yourself - where do feelings come from? Sad feelings are strong right now because a loved one is sick.
Boost Your Self-Esteem - safety, belonging, trust, responsibility, etc.
Find Your Strengths - help around the house and a list of things that the child excels at doing.
You Can Handle It - look to the future and use your imagination to regain balance and a sense of control.

There are also family and group activities.

Spiral-bound paperback. 79 pages

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