Better Boundaries: Owning and Treasuring Your Life


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Published USA, 1997
Setting successful boundaries involves sorting and choosing who and what to let into your life and who or what to keep out. Whether boundaries are flexible or inflexible, the authors argue that personal boundaries are essential to a happy life. If you have trouble saying no to others, for example, or if you feel your life is being squandered by good but unintentional activities and relationships, better boundaries are called for. The authors explore a variety of boundary problems and help you assess your own boundaries and make necessary adjustments. The emphasis is on `owning and treasuring your life`, to give it authenticity. There are exercises to complete throughout the text. 

Becoming Your Own Best Friend
Knowing What You Think About Yourself
Identifying False Beliefs
Adjusting the Way You Think
Making Good Choices

Jan Black is a writer and public speaker based in the USA. Greg Enns is a therapist and life coach.
Paperback. 228 pages

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