Big Book of Motivation Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Energising People at Work and at Home


Product Description

Published USA, 2001
This is a lighthearted book of games that are based on rigorous behavioural research, not just hype. Written by Dr.Robert Epstein, Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Today magazine and a Harvard-trained psychologist, this collection includes dozens of fast, simple games and exercises, as well as two unique tests that you can use to measure your `motivation competencies` and select the games you need the most.

+  Use colour to boost mood and energy
+  Create a motivational environment
+  Fight boredom and burnout
+  Boost performance
+  Overcome failure
+  Stop procrastination

Aiming for Actualization
The Anonymous Suggestion Game
Blowing Away the Tension
I Have a Dream
Make Me Laugh
The Midas Touch
The Twenty-Eight Hour Day

Medium-sized paperback. 224 pages

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