Bipolar Disorder Demystified: Mastering the Tightrope of Manic Depression


Product Description

Published USA, 2003
In this book, Lana Castle, who has lived most of her life with bipolar disorder, turns her personal experience into an enlightening and useful guide for all those travelling down the same path. Castle helps those who suffer from the illness as well as their friends and family understand the true nature of bipolar disorder, the factors that complicate its diagnosis, and the best ways to cope with it. The book makes great strides in dispelling the mystery surrounding this illness, helping readers decide if it's time to seek treatment and providing those with any form of mood disorder the information they need to better manage their lives.

Descending into Darkness: Depression
Losing All Hope: Suicide
Probing the Pathology: Diagnosis
Reflecting on Childhood: Upbringing
Expressing Your Emotions: 'Talk Therapy'
Shifting Your Perspective
Taking Leaps of Faith: Spirituality and Transcendence
Helping Others: When Someone You Know Has a Mood Disorder

Lana Castle is a USA writer and trainer who has lived with depression and bipolar disorder for over 50 years.
Paperback. 426 pages

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