Blueloon: A Storybook About Depression


Product Description

Published USA, 2012
I'm a blueloon.
I'm supposed to be a regular balloon but I'm just not having fun like the others.
I'm kinda dull and I'm kinda flat.
My string is tied up in knots.
I have a case of the blues. That's why I'm a blueloon.

Blueloon is a sad little balloon who is suffering from depression. With help from the wise rock, Blueloon learns what he can do to bounce back to being the way he used to be: bright, round and full with a very straight string! Blueloon is also manic - there are days when he acts crazy and becomes a 'balloony toon': 'My head fills up with so much air that I feel like I'm going to explode!!' Blueloon learns to always get enough rest, stay away from the air that's not clean, be nice to other balloons and exercise his string.

Ages 5-8 years
Paperback. 32 pages

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