Body Image Workbook: An Eight-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks


Product Description

Published USA, 2008
The Body Image Workbook
offers a comprehensive, eight-step program to help men and women stop focusing on their perceived imperfections and start feeling more confident about the way they look. The book includes discussions on our obsession with physical appearance and with body-fixing options. It helps people discover their personal body image strengths and vulnerabilities and then guides them in creating new, life-changing experiences of mindfulness and body acceptance.

Discovering your personal body image
Understanding the origins of your body image story
Mindfully accepting your body image experiences
Seeing beneath the surface of your private body talk
Mindfully modifying your mental mistakes
Facing your body image avoidance
Erasing your body image rituals
Treating your body well

Thomas Cash is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, USA.
Paperback. 216 pages

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