Body Remembers: Volume 2 - Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment


Product Description

Published USA, 2017
This new book by Babette Rothschild continues the discussion she began more than fifteen years ago in her book, The Body Remembers. It is a stand-alone book, not a revision of the former, and can be read without reference to the first volume. She divides her book into theory and practice chapters that illustrate stabilizing a new client who consistently dissociates due to persistent trauma flashbacks; clarifying and keeping therapeutic contracts; identifying and implementing hidden somatic resources for stabilization; and utilizing good memories and somatic markers as antidotes to traumatic memory.

The book includes a full-colour table simplifying the autonomic nervous system, distinguishing six levels of arousal.

Babette Rothschild is based in Los Angeles.
Hardback. 198 pages

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