Body Sense: The Science and Practice of Embodied Self-Awareness


Product Description

Published USA, 2013
Alan Fogel leads us on an informative journey to 'rediscover' our body's ability to feel and maintain awareness of our movements, sensations and emotions. This innovative book uncovers important components of our biological directive to improve quality of life and explores strategies to satisfy that directive by reconnecting with our bodily selves. With self-help exercises, case vignettes, neuroscience research and more, this interactive book provides a sophisticated yet down-to-earth perspective on what Fogel calls 'embodied self-awareness'.

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Sensing the Body
Feelings from Within: The Emergence of Embodied Self-Awareness
Links and Boundaries: Locating Ourselves
Out of Touch with Ourselves: Suppression and Absorption
The Effects of Safety and Threat on Embodied Self-Awareness
In the Flesh: Moving and Touching
Catching Our Breath, Finding Our Voice
Coming Home to Ourselves: Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness

Alan Fogel is a Professor of Psychology at Utah State University, USA.
Paperback. 416 pages

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