Bomji and Spotty's Frightening Adventure: A Story about How to Recover from a Scary Experience


Product Description

Published USA, 2018
One day Bomji the Rabbit and his friend Spotty the Cat meet something very scary while picking flowers in the woods. The encounter with the Coyote traumatizes Bomji. He doesn't feel safe anymore. His body feels a bit different and he starts to have bad dreams. Teacher Owl helps Bomji recover. 'Come walk with us,' he says. 'Walking can help us feel the strength in our bodies.' When Bomji feels the warmth of his friend's grasp, it reminds him that he is not alone. Inspired by the work of Pat Ogden and sensorimotor psychotherapy, this storybook is crafted in such a way as to reduce sensory stimulus and not overwhelm traumatized children. The book includes activity ideas and a guide for adults working with children.

Ages 4-10 years
Anne Westcott is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Massachusetts, USA.
Paperback. 40 pages

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