Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself


Product Description

Published UK, 2016
This unique story uses the simple metaphor of the wall to explain how children who have had painful or traumatic experiences can build barriers between themselves and other people. It shows the utter transformation that is possible when a therapist - Someone Kind - sees through the wall to the core distress within:

Soon Boy didn't mind the wall cracking around him.
Bricks were falling about his feet.
Someone Kind picked them up and turned them into bridges.

This book provides insightful storytelling and extraordinary illustrations. It is aimed at 5-10 year-olds however the metaphor is useful for working with older children (and adolescents) as well.

Ages 5-10 years
Ali Redford is an adoptive parent who has worked in education, theatre and marketing in the UK.
Hardback. 32 pages