Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour


Product Description

Published USA, 2016 (new edition)
Schwartz's method works on changing brain chemistry - brain lock - unlocking four key structures of the brain that have been sending out false messages. The method, developed at UCLA School of Medicine, is a simple, self-directed cognitive-behavioural therapy (a four-step approach) linking OCD symptoms with a biochemical imbalance in the brain:

1 - Relabel: It's Not Me, It's My OCD
2 - Reattribute: Unlocking Your Brain
3 - Refocus: Wishing Won't Make It So
4 - Revalue: Lessons Learned from OCD

Jeffrey Schwartz is a Psychiatrist at the UCLA School of Medicine, USA.
Paperback. 219 pages

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