Brave As Can Be: A Book of Courage


Product Description

Published USA, 2015
The author of 'In My Heart: A Book About Feelings' has returned with a new book on courage. It's a playful book about fear and bravery that empowers young children to confront once-scary situations, with charming illustrations and die-cuts throughout.

When I was scared I would shiver as if I was outside in the snow.
I would shut my eyes tight and clap my hands over my ears.
I was closed up against the cold as if I was in an igloo.

Being scared of the dark or the neighbour's dog; losing sight of mummy in the crowd; being scared of storms and spiders: all of these scenarios are frightening to some children. But the child has ways of making light of the fear:

I'm older now and my mountain of fears doesn't look so huge. In fact, now that I'm big, it looks very small indeed!

Ages 0-5 years
Large-format hardback. 32 pages

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