Bullying is a Pain in the Brain


Product Description

Published USA, 2016 (2nd edition)
In this pocket-sized book for children, Trevor Romain teaches them how to become bully-proof`. `Bullies like to be in charge,` he writes. `They are self-esteem vampires.` The key is to act more confident, to stay as calm as you can, to find your strengths and achieve your goals.

Give bullies a lot of space. (If you can smell their breath, you`re too close!)
Make friends. (Bullies can`t stand groups of happy, smiling, frendly people.)

Trevor Romain has plenty of advice for bullies as well. This is a popular book, full of Romain`s jokes and cartoons to lighten the message.

Trevor Romain has written and illustrated many books for children. He lives in Austin, Texas, USA.
Small-format paperback. 105 pages

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