Can-Do Dinosaurs Cards

28 full-colour cards for building vital conversations with children

Product Description

Produced Australia, 2009
Can-Do Dinosaurs
have been designed for anyone who spends time with children and wants to intentionally encourage worthwhile competencies and valuable habits. They help children explore safety, personal worth, self-reflection, responsibility for feelings, interrelationships, resilience and manners. The cards introduce children to the ability and willingness to listen to others (I Can Listen); an awareness of the need to stay safe (I Can Choose); and a readiness to apologise for mistakes (I Can Say Sorry). These, and the 25 other cards, present skills that knit relationships together, empower children, and strengthen the resilience that resides within them. The 28 cards feature a herd of delightful dinosaurs direct from the Jurassic era!

I Can Be Safe
I Can Hug
I Can Share
I Can Say No
I Can Tell Others
I Can Be Sad

The cards are accompanied by a brief guide for practitioners.

Ages 5-10 years
28 full-colour, laminated cards

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