Childhood Cancer: A Parent's Guide to Solid Tumour Cancers


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Published USA, 2016 (3rd edition)
This substantial text will help parents gain a much better understanding of childhood cancer, its treatment, and their consequences. It addresses, in its 28 chapters, many of the common experiences of having a child with cancer. Six chapters are devoted to the major solid tumours of childhood (excluding brain tumours): neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, liver tumours, soft tissue sarcomas, and bone sarcomas. There are chapters dealing with the more emotional and psychological components of the experience: the importance of siblings, family and friends, anticipating the end of treatment and beyond, even preparing for the possibility of relapse or death. The book is optimistic in tone yet remains realistic.  NEW THIRD EDITION

Anne Spurgeon founded the Badger Childhood Cancer Network in Wisconsin, USA.
Paperback. 549 pages

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