Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach for Young People


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Published UK, 2015 (4th edition)
The Geldards apply their pro-active approach, so successfully applied to counselling children, to the more demanding adolescent audience. Their approach is specifically designed to parallel the adolescent developmental process. By doing this, there is synchrony between the counselling process and the adolescent`s own experiences. This book has been designed for practitioners working with emotionally disturbed adolescents. It is not intended to be primarily a theoretical treatise. It is very much a practical guide for counsellors. The third edition has been fully revised and updated and includes two new chapters on maintaining a collaborative relationship; and professional and ethical issues. UPDATED 4th EDITION.

Environmental Stresses for Adolescents
The Development of Mental Health Problems
Making Counselling Relevant for Young People
Making Use of Adolescent Communication Processes
Useful Counselling Micro-Skills
Symbolic Strategies
Creative Strategies
Behavioural and Cognitive-Behavioural Strategies
Psycho-Educational Strategies

Kathryn & David Geldard are family therapists in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Paperback. 326 pages

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