Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children


Product Description

Published Canada, 2006 
A range of innovative activities is presented in this book, including therapeutic games, art, puppets, role-plays and stories. Most of the activities have been developed for children aged 7 to 12 years, but many can be modified for both younger and older children.

Guidelines for Practitioners. Bereaved Children: A Brief Theoretical Overview
Meeting with Caregivers
Interventions to Engage and Assess Bereaved Children
Interventions to Process Grief Reactions
Interventions to Help Children Understand Death
Interventions to Commemorate the Deceased
Interventions to Facilitate Coping and Enhance Self-Esteem
Interventions to Address Special Issues
Interventions for Group Sessions
Interventions for Family Sessions

Liana Lowenstein is a social worker and play therapist supervisor in Toronto, Canada.
Large-format paperback. 195 pages

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