Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth: Volume 2


Product Description

Published USA, 2002
This book presents new techniques for practitioners to add to their existing therapeutic repertoire. As in the first volume, games, art, puppets, music, role-plays and stories are used to engage children and youth in the counselling process and help them work through their treatment issues. The book begins with engagement and assessment activities providing clinicians with practical ideas to build rapport and gain useful client information. The remaining four chapters provide treatment activities to help children master key emotional and behavioural competencies such as identifying feeling states, coping with emotional difficulties, managing anger, strengthening interpersonal skills, and enhancing self-esteem. A variety of activities are provided within each chapter, so that practitioners can choose interventions that suit their client's specific needs. Age suitability, preferred treatment modality and appropriate stage of treatment are included, as well as worksheets that may be reproduced for use with clients.

Assessment Activities
Identifying and Coping with Feelings
Anger Management
Social Skills

Liana Lowenstein is a private practitioner in Toronto, Canada.
Large-format paperback. 133 pages

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