Deep Speak: The World According to You


Product Description

Published Australia, 2006
Deep Speak
is a set of 120 cards, each with its own question presented in an edgy, font-based design, plus a 24-page booklet of suggestions. The cards are colour-coded into six broad themes - openers, identity, beliefs, emotions, values and relationships - so that facilitators can easily make a selection of cards. While Deep Speak is designed to appeal to adolescents, adults also respond warmly to the mix of questions about some of life`s big questions.

Choose a card and use the question as a prompt for journal writing
Select a card as a way of introducing yourself at a workshop
Select a card with a question that is important to you at the moment
Select a card with a question you have never thought about before

120 laminated, double-sided cards. 24-page booklet

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