Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: CBT Distinctive Features Series


Product Description

Published UK, 2017 (2nd edition)
This little book highlights 30 distinctive features of DBT treatment and uses extensive clinical examples to demonstrate how the theory translates into practice. Part I introduces the three foundations on which the treatment rests - behaviourism, Zen and dialectics - and how these integrate. In Part II, Swales and Heard describe how the therapy applies these principles to the treatment of clients with borderline personality disorder, and elucidate the distinctive conceptual twists in the application of cognitive and behavioural procedures within the treatment. This book is written for both practising clinicians and students wishing to learn more about DBT. UPDATED SECOND EDITION.

Michaela Swales is a lecturer-practitioner in clinical psychology at Bangor University, UK. Heidi Heard is a senior trainer.
Small-format paperback. 162 pages